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  • Students enrolling for this course need basic knowledge of OS like Windows , Linux , Mac OS etc.
  • Students enrolling for this course need basic knowledge of Networking and technologies , protocols, ports , services

What I will learn?

  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Types of Networks
  • OSI Model and its work
  • TCP/IP Protocol suit and its function
  • Port and common port numbers
  • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • DNS - Domain Name System and its working
  • Firewall and how it secure the network
  • IDS/IPS security devices
  • DMZ - Demilitarized Zone and its concept and function
  • Proxy server and VPN Server
  • Introduction of IPv4 and IPv6
  • Ethical hacking and types of hackers
  • Phases of ethical hacking
  • Common types of attacks - malware attack , phishing, Man-in-the-Middle, DOS , Password Attack and more
  • computer security and keylogger
  • Password attack and encryption

Course Curriculum

Network Fundamentals

  • Types of Networks – LAN, WAN, PAN, CAN, MAN, SAN, WLAN

Introduction To OSI Model

TCP / IP Protocol Suit

Port and common Port Numbers

DHCP and its process

DNS Server – Domain Name System

Firewall – Network Security Device

IDS / IPS – Network Security Device.

DMZ – Demilitarized zone

Proxy and VPN Server

Introduction of IPv4 and IPv6

What is Ethical hacking ?

Phases of ethical hacking

Common types of attacks

Certification and knowledge

Cyber Security Agenda

Cyber security agenda – 1) Malware Attack

Cyber Security agenda – 2) Phishing Attack

Cyber security agenda – 3 )Password Attack

Cyber security agenda – 4 ) DDOS Attack

Cyber security agenda – 5 ) MITM Attack

Cyber security agenda – 6) Drive By Downloads Attack

Cyber security agenda – 7) Malvertising Attack

Cyber security agenda – 8) Rouge Software Attack

Terminologies related to networking

Computer security with key logger demo

Password strength & encryption

Introduction of Kali Linux

Final Quiz

Project Report

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 years ago
Training orient and well drafted lessons and easy to understanding explanations using animated lectures
2 years ago
Enjoy this course and really very useful topics
2 years ago
Good content and well drafted course
2 years ago
Course is very interactive and easy to understand.
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Material Includes

  • Footprinting a website using Who is Lookup, IP lookup,
  • Gathering information about Domain through DNS lookup
  • Email Footprinting using online email tracker services
  • DNS Footprinting using DNS Interrogation Tools
  • Phishing attack lab using Phishing Tools on kali Linux
  • Phishing attack lab creating facebook phishing page and deploy on local host and access it over the internet
  • Key logger Demo lab using Key logger tool

Target Audience

  • Degree Diploma students who have pursing Computer engineering , Electronics , Electronics And Tele Communication can enrolled for this course
  • Any one who Interested and loving to learn Cyber Security can enrolled to this course

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